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Projekty typowe, projekty domów(non-registered)
Jak tylko mamy finanse na postawienie własnego domu, startujemy od zakupienia odpowiedniego miejsca/działki i planu budynku. Oglądamy oferowane opcje i w końcu po poszukiwaniach zdecydować się na dom wymarzony.Projekty typowe, projekty domów
John Absolon(non-registered)
Glenn, great shots as always. I like the RAAF Wedgetail in the Red Flag 13-3 Gallery. Interesting seeing Mirages at Red Flag; I bet they were performance challenged at that density altitude if the old Mirage III was anything to go by.
Stuart Thurtle(non-registered)
Hi from England great site and images seen your shots posted on UKAR just love Zenfolio now I have joined !
Jose Narciso(non-registered)
Hi! from Portugal!!!

Amazing photos!!!! well done!!!

Thanks for sharing

Bob Back(non-registered)
Absolutely loved viewing your aviation galleries. Amazing photos!!
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